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A story begins!

gee_mcgee in characteratplay

Original Fic: Outerworld - Mesmerising (Jack & Alanah)

 Title: OuterWorld
Author: Geraldine (jeraldaadine )
Characters, Pairing: Alanah Degaru and Jack Corsair (Original Fic)
Rating: T (just to be sure)
Summary: There are some people you can't get out of your head
Written for Random a Week  VERSION:Song-a-Week characteraday  and cross-posted to my LJ and characteratplay  FYI, this is the first time I'm trying to do an cut or any kind of organisation so please be patient or let me know if I've made any glaring mistakes. 
Disclaimer: I do not own Snow Patrol or its band, though I think they are awesome!


It's been minutes it's been days.

It's been all I will remember,

Happy lost in your hair

And the cold side of the pillow.

Your hills and valleys,

Are mapped by my intrepid fingers;

And in a naked slumber, I dream of this again.


What's the story about? Realising that there are some people you can’t get out of your head.

Who are the characters? Alanah DeGaru and Jack Corsair - OC's from a fic I'm trying out

When and where does it take place? In the Middle of a crowded Cafeteria

Write a short story!


You watch him from across the room, taking in every detail of his bearing, his movement, the way his chin dips as he listens intently one second, the narrowing of his eyes as he disagrees the next. The glare of the light on hair and clothing tell you that he's been sitting there for the best part of the hour you have and the suns rays bring back memories of earlier, happier days, of waking up lying next to him, the sunshine having driven you from sleep and you are able to just watch as the rays turned his hair a completely different colour, watching  as the only movement that comes from the prone form  is his breathing and you marvel that he can be so still; so unlike his usual state of constant motion. You thought you knew him then; from the oddly shaped birthmark on his shoulder to the patch of freckles under his arm on his right side;  every single puckered scar that marred his body- from the arch of his foot to the cut on his eyebrow- each on has their story and you knew them all, but now, you know nothing, old scars have faded and new ones have replaced them.


  • You note that he looks slightly sunburned on the left side of his face; it would be unnoticeable to anyone else -


You remember, sweeter days full of laughter,  peaceful nights when all you had were heartbeats when neither of you could sleep- or wanted to.


 A part of you curses yourself for acting like a school-girl with a crush, even as you shush that part of your mind argues back at the ridiculousness of that sweeping statement; you don't need reminding that it goes deeper than that.  You however, can't help but look; something about him is instantly catching, attractive yes, but its not that attraction that focuses your attention it seems odd and silly, and foolish to think, but for an instant, all you are is solely on him its...he... is...mesmerising.


And suddenly you find you were staring, that one place between the bottom of his ear and the top of his neck, and you know this because that space that he  is replaced by green- deep green eyes that look almost hazel at first sight ( but you know better), and caught and slightly embarrassed and cursing yourself again because you know  you have better things to do.


Longer than it takes for you to take your next breath it seems and you feel, rather than hear the presence at your back.


"Alanah." its said as a statement rather than a question, but held at just the right tone for it to be curious, cautiously aware in just the way that he knows how, and you force yourself to turn.  You know the months and such have been hard on him, but to actually see it makes a far forgotten ache in your chest deepen and you can't help but stare sympathetically out at him as he stands there, ever so slightly unsure of himself, ever so self conscious- his hands in his pockets.


Their are dark shadows under his eyes, eyes that are alert and scanning your face intently for any sign of anything wrong; but that are also weary, eyeing you slightly, as if you were a caged earth tiger about to attack, and he is tired, yes, so very tired, so much so that you feel him wanting to fall asleep standing right there and not move for days, maybe months- hopefully with you (you push this away) - and hope the world will finally sort itself out by itself. You succinctly look him over, even as you nod his arrival, his clothes hang loosely, the jacket, shirt and pants tucked into boots, his collarbone pokes sharply from the jacket and shirt and you swear that if you look long enough and the boots and  his cheeks are slightly sunken, with harsh brown stubble across his chin, his brown hair tousled and falling every which way and into his eyes- and just for a minute your fingers itch, all you want to do however is wrap your arms around him, let him know you'll protect him from the world, from all those who want to hurt him; from himself.


Its not your fault- you'll tell yourself later at least- that the memory of what  truly drove you apart suddenly comes unbidden to mind through hazy memories of the night of too much old earth tequila and loud thumping guitar serenades in one of the more seedier establishments of Almos V.


"Jack." you said finally and its a testament to your will that you don't run away right then, and its either the look on your face or the tension he can no doubt feel buzzing off you that he backs off slightly his face wiping clean of all concern, a hard look creeping into his eyes. You quickly school yours into a more neutral gaze. But its too late his eyes are harsh and dead to you and he has already turned, leaving your words of regret on your tongue like ashes.