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erinm_4600 in characteratplay

Fic: Near to You

Story Name: Near to You
Character Number(s): 86, 306 and 308
Rating: high-PG
Summary: When he recieves some distressing news, Robert knows it's time to go home.
Disclaimer: For the first time, I can say that EVERYTHING about this one is MINE, ALL MINE. Mwahaha!! Inspirations all come from characteraday, with thanks, as well as a commercial. Title is from song of the same name, by A Fine Frenzy.
Author's Notes: pretty angsty. *Written for Round 23 of prompt_in_a_box. Prompt: #6 "I'm battle scarred, I am working oh so hard to get back to who I used to be." (Near to You, A Fine Frenzy)

It took everything he had not to jump the fence and run to her, but he couldn't see her until he knew the whole story.