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Fic: Crack the Shutters

Story Name: Crack the Shutters
Character Number(s): Random-a-Week 14, with CaDs 01, 111 and 198 (mention of Cad 116)
Rating: PG-13 *implied nekkid*
Summary: As the morning comes, Rick thinks about where he is and how he got there.
Disclaimer: For the first time, I can say that EVERYTHING about this one is MINE, ALL MINE. Mwahaha!! Inspirations all come from characteraday, with thanks. Title comes from song of the same name, by Snow Patrol.
Author's Notes: post-Dinner and prior to the events of After-Effects. For luxuria_oceanus

Running Around the Issue | Started as a Flicker, Meant to be a Flame | Dinner, Dog and a First-Aid Kit | Crack the Shutters | After-Effects | Phone Call | Good at Startin' Fires | The Long Weekend

'Did I screw this up?'