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nirwol in characteratplay

Not For Love or Country

Story Name: Not For Love or Country
Character Number: 621
Rating: PG
Summary: Glen doesn’t care about boys, her country or any other incentives the government tries to offer.
Author's Notes: A small side-story to a larger sci-fi story kicked off by Character-a-Day. I feel kind of bad for her, since she doesn't really show up in the story that much. This takes place about three years after the picture was taken. Glen is about fifteen now, and Sharr is eight.

    “We have been tracking you for a very long time.” the Government Man said, his voice like gravel. “Children with your gifts are very rare, and very special.”
    “What do you want with me?” I ask. I’m nothing special, mom tells me so every time she talks with daddy.
    “Glen, dear, your country needs you.” he said after a pause. I don’t really care for my country. It’s too caught up in self-indulgence and self-pity.
    “Really?” I reply in a skeptical tone, adding on a silent, intimidating growl taught to me by Ol’ Nate, a crocodile who lives up river from me and mom.
    “And don’t forget all the admiration you’d receive. Boy’s will love you.” he tried to sweeten the deal. Really, though, I don’t care for human men. They bore me with talks about fashion and cars.
    I think he realizes that he isn’t catching my interest, because his eyes darken. Sharr enters behind him, just watching. Sharr knows not to attack unless I’m in mortal peril, and I have to take at least one hit before she can jump in. It’s hard working with a wild animal, because so many rules are set in place to govern their behavior among the ‘normal’ folks.
    “You signed an agreement three years ago.” he snarled at me. I have to admit, it was good for a human. Sharr growled her little laugh in agreement  and the Government Man jumped. I giggled. Really, I would have thought that he would have better situational awareness than that.
    “You will come with me, and as soon as your training ends, you will be shipped right off to Calypso.”
    I gasp. Daddy works on Calypso, translating for the native species. He’s always told me about how beautiful it is there. Sure, it’s the front line against the Navan menace, but the forests are amazing!
    “Yes, the front lines, unless you shape up!”
    “You’d really let me see the Ozman Forests? And Frrist Gladin? And the burial chambers of the Horath? Really?” I replied. It’s illegal for daddy to send pictures of Calypso, but his stories paint it as a fantastic place so different from our own world. Even Mars looks like Earth, since the Great Terraformation of 2323. I can’t wait to see it!
    “Few ever want to be sent that way…” he groaned, but nodded his agreement anyway.
    Sharr tilted her head slightly, not understanding the conversation. I just hope they let me take her with me!